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To State The Obvious Would Be That We Are Mr. Dezyner – A Designer Label That Focuses Primarily On Broadening The Horizons Of Menswear Fashion In Your Homes. And Because It Remains Eternally Complicated To Find Clothes And Fabrics That Are Draped And Made For You, Mr. Dezyner Comes In To Save You With Custom Bought Attention And Custom Made Designs. Needless To Say, The Ultimate Goal Is To Present You, In Full Truth, Draped And Swathed By The Clothes You Love And Choose For Yourself. 

And So, We Bring To You An Expressive And Captivating Collection Of Menswear – That Speaks To You And For You — Beginning With Our Bespoke Bandhgalas (Closed-Neck Suits), Bandis (Ethnic Vests), Kurta And Sherwani, Coming-Of-Age Shirts And Trousers, And Not In The Least, Tuxedos. 

Our Collection Promises Authenticity And Beauty, But Above All, It Promises Completion. With Mr. Dezyner’s Ready-Made Accessories, Footwear And Headwear, You Are Born Ready To Take The World By Surprise And Astute Preparedness. 

Our Work And Creativity Is Weaved In The Authentic Craftsmanship And Execution That We Have To Undoubtedly Offer Here In Bangalore, Hyderabad, Anantapur And Ongole.

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About The Designers

Our Designers, Amair Hazari And Nagarjuna Chintalapudi, Are Both JD Institute Alumni And On Introspection, The Most Missed Creative Individuals In The Menswear Fashion Industry. 

Amair Hazari, Having Experienced A Paradigm Shift In His Professional Life As A Bred Civil Engineer To A Creative Designer Embraces The Timeless Concept Of Authenticity By Emphasizing The Need To Remain Grounded. His Heritage And Culture Of Andhra Pradesh Is Weaved In The Warps And Wefts Of The Fabrics That You Will Wear And Witness Undeniably. In His Years Of Experience In Consumerism And Ready-To-Wear Fashion, The Blatant Disregard For Newness And Sustainability Pushed Him To Reach For The Stars And Provide The Same To His Clients. 

His Belief Of Refuting Compromise In Design While Enabling Comfort And Convenience Is Where The Roads Intersect With Mr Nagarjuna Chintalapudi. From Friends And Colleagues, To Partners And Creative Directors, These Two Have Lived Their Alternate Universe Lives Enough To Give Back As Exclusive, Sustainable, Up-And-Coming Designers For The Men Out There Today. 

Fondly Called Upon As Arjun, Mr Chintalapudi, Likewise, Pursued A Bachelor’s Degree In Fashion And Apparel Design At The Jd Institute Of Fashion Technology In Bengaluru. He Walked Into Fashion As An Ex-Engineering Student And Walked Out Of The Institute And Into A Competitive And Glamorous Industry As An Esteemed Businessman And A Highly Regarded Designer Celebrated For His Eminent Perspective To Men’s Fashion. Above All, His Professional Silhouette Is Illuminated By How He Walks And Respects The Intricate Intersections Of Minimalism And Realism While Effortlessly Balancing The Technical Hotspots With His Acute Problem-Solving Skills

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Since 02/04/2022 [How We Came To Be]

2nd April 2022 Was The Most Important, Groundbreaking Day For Our Designers; A Day Of Absolute Remembrance. Amair Hazari And Nagarjuna Chintalapudi Had Finally Fought All Odds To Be Able To Breathe The Words, ‘MR. DEZYNER’. And Through Long Hours And Days, Stretched Months And Minds, Came To Be One Of The Very Few And Exclusive Menswear Designer Labels In Bengaluru Urban. 

Each Of Them Undertook Different Roles And Responsibilities Before They Landed On The Premise Of Opening Mr. Dezyner. But Through It All, They Knew That Their Skills And Potential Were Untapped And Reserved As Long As They Continued To Work For An Industry That Didn’t Cater Primarily And Exclusively To Men. 

And So, They Fled To Bangalore With A Suitcase Brimming With Ideas, Creative Intuition, Determination And Passion To Stand Their Ground And Say, ‘Here We Are’.

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