Wash and Care

  • To Remove Dirt, Brush Pockets, Lapels, And Collars On A Regular Basis.
  • Stains Should Be Blotted Immediately And Not Rubbed.
  • Allow Your Mr. Dezyner Garment To Rest After Use; Wearing It Two Days In A Row Can Cause Damage To The Fibers.
  • Always Hang Your Garment On A Hanger That Supports The Shoulders And Your Trousers Vertically To Help Keep The Shape Of Your Suit.
  • Avoid Putting Items In Your Pockets Because It Will Strain The Seams.
  • Before You Sit Down, Unbutton Your Suit Jacket To Prevent Pulling.
  • To Protect Your Garment, Always Keep It In A Garment Bag.
  • Do Not Hand Wash Or Machine Wash Your Mr. Dezyner Garment And Never Try To Bleach.
  • Dry Clean Your Garment At Least Once A Season By A Professional Dry Cleaner; However, Excessive Dry Cleaning Can Shorten The Life Of The Garment.
  • Your Exclusive Mr. Dezyner Garment Should Only Be Pressed With A Cold Iron Or Steam Pressed With A Garment Steamer
  • Avoid Over Steaming As It May Destabilize The Fabric
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